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Age of Manipulation’ The posthuman agenda Is freedom a myth? Are we destined to be inmates of the coming Global Village? What will tomorrow's world look like? Can the hidden architects of control be dethroned? If so, how will this be achieved? Can revolution against oppression be easy and bloodless? Can evil be overthrown? Is time speeding up? Is the ego our greatest enemy? Can humans grow up and dispel illusion from their minds? Does the so-called "Higher Self" exist? Do spiritual paths truly offer salvation? Is death to be feared? Humankind is an endangered species and may not be around much longer. Humans have been victims of a slavocracy for millennia, and have been conditioned to fear freedom. Most people are more interested in freedom from freedom. In this case, the Architects of Control will find their end game of global incarceration completed for them by the slaves under their psychic and physical domination. Ten years ago, in his first book on Atlantis, Michael Tsarion predicted that by the year 2012, we will be in possession of the major truths about our origins and destiny. Ten years have elapsed, and fortunately many ca indeed say that they have made progress along the difficult road of discovery. However, clever people also know there is still a long way to go. Man remains a mystery to himself, and this supreme mystery must finally be illuminated for true change to occur. Human 2.0 is on its way. He is the wet dream of the hidden controllers. Humans have been gradually reduced to the level of robots, so we need to find out what lies in store for us, and what action we can take to offset the age old war on consciousness. The consequences of the death of individuality must be seriously contemplated. The man who has murdered his own individuality cannot hope to register and respect the individuality of those he meets. When you enter his life, he sees you as a thing rather than a human being. He sees a ghost, shadow or mannequin without feelings. Because of his inner void, he is incapable of dealing with men and women as thinking, feeling beings. Human 2.0 is perfectly immune to feeling and has a purely mechanistic and functional relationship with the world and the human beings around him. Every man and women reading this is in danger either of becoming such a being, or of encountering one. Man is ultimately his own savior. He can choose to think for himself or to wait until he is given permission to do so. Soon he may need permission to exist. Nevertheless, as Michael has emphasized many times, evil contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction. He believes that we may be living in the last days of universal evil. Michael’s new cutting edge presentation closely examines where we are, how we are, and what we must take with us on the dangerous road toward 2012 and beyond. Don’t miss Michael Tsarion’s new groundbreaking presentation ‘ Age of Manipulation II: The Posthuman Agenda’ Live at the Grand Connaught Rooms London WC2B 5DA. 10/09/11. 12pm-8pm. Tickets are limited and available exclusively from www.icanplanet.com