There is, in fact, a multitude of conspiracies active in our world today, ranging in scale and time span. Those at the core of these conspiracies are people whom we have never heard of and will never see. These individuals occupy top positions in government, religion, and economics--all of which are members of secret societies. Members of these groups who are displayed to the public as political and religious leaders are no more than actors paid by the System to lie about wanting to protect and help you. They care nothing about you or your family. Government and religion have been the leading causes of death among humans throughout history. Areas of occult knowledge such as sacred geometry, divination arts, black magick, astrology, and mind control are being utilized by these organizations ‘to deceive, manipulate, control, and kill the populations of the world. With piety aimed at dark and evil entities and energies they use their reservoirs of power, wealth, and influence to assiduously carry out their various agendas, in some cases thousands of years old. Compartmentalization and fear keep members of secret societies ignorant of and loyal to their true purposes and plots. The 'Pyramid Structure' of power allows members to become completely compartmentalized; in other words, knowing only what they need to do and not knowing what everyone else is doing. The higher up the pyramid you are the more you know about the organization as a whole. Furthermore, tactics such as honeytraps and bribery are used to blackmail and intimidate members, forcing them to remain fearful of defecting and exposing the truth. 01:13:38 Film Archive   Alan Watt  Alex Collier Chris Everard  Daniel Pinchbeck David Icke Jay Weidner Ian Lungold John Lash Jordan Maxwell José Argüelles  Michael St. Clair Michael Tsarion Neil Kramer  Phil Schneider Terence McKenna